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The bruising could be explained by dietry deficiencies, poor physical health or being restrained for a legitimate reason. November 2, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Wednesday, July 27, by Jessica Booth.

She probably has underlying mental disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia. Filma me tit. Marina joyce naked. May he find harambe on the way. I can't find the video but it's a newer, creepy rambling one where she mentions wanting to go on an ayahuasca trip. If I have to guess, I'd say she and her bf are deep into drugs and he may be dealing or similar the gun.

I can't view her likes i think because I don't have twitter but some people have tweeted that they don't correspond with what she's tweeting. She does this a few times throughout the video. Her weird rambling reminds me of Tila Tequila when she would ramble on Facebook about ascending to the 7th dimension and aliens and shit.

She literally has more likes than she has tweets https: Also, it could honestly be a coincidence. Maybe her family is finally intervening. The material is like a thick skin, vibrant, breathing and there's even an olfactory dimension, the smell of his constantly drying paintings.

She's abusing drugs and definitely needs help, but she clearly has plenty of people in her life looking after her. Naked council lads. The presence of this model was a necessity for him.

The damage has been done, she needs to get clean and get medicated. It's unsettling how she never stops moving and remains emotionless until the flared arm dresses probably thinks she's swimming through air or some shit.

Somebody commented on one of her videos on concern for Marina. I have a schizophrenic friend and there aren't any resources to give him treatment other than anti-psychotics, and seeing a mental health nurse once a week. She has a lot of traumas, and might have developed some mental illness or just made it worse, I'm not saying that the abuser part is invalid, but she might have these bruises from hurting herself. This girl is not abused or captured.

He's clearly a straight man. There are sooo many hints over the past year… She loves EDM… trance, house, etc… Started getting into new age hippie shit… She's hopped up on drugs. Her mother admitted to giving her directions in the videos, and people say she lives at home.

I'd understand if you actually went to the meetup and then heard the theories but damn, just from reading about it? Also there's a noticeable weight loss. Connor is the hero nobody asked for.

They're clearly both drug-users, but are on different drugs altogether.

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The rave drugs just made her retarded, not schizophrenic. This is actually a good picture of him because you can't tell that his hair is teased to hell and back. Naked slovenian girls. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. He used the tube of paint as an affirmative gesture, as a drawing tool.

She didn't mean, "let's meet up at 6: One of my friends from a day to another begin to look strange, everyone friends, parents thinked that he was passing through a phase, but I doubt it and I called the social service to him, in the end we discovered that he was forced to go every day to his uncle house where he abused him. I'm more inclined to trust their twitter than this girl's. Marina joyce naked. In a new exhibition in New York, the gallery delights us with an outstanding selection of the artist's luminous nudes, one of his favorite subjects.

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At this point if you believe she's being held captive it's just what you want to believe out of milk desperation. This is despite the fact that he lives alone and is fixated on killing himself, having attempted suicide several times. Never thought about it LOL. Somebody commented on one of her videos on concern for Marina. Xxx sexy mov. She looks quickly back at the camera and starts talking much faster.

There's no way she's walked into something backwards? Nothing weird there, he gets plenty of views. I don't believe she's doing it anymore.

You can also be forced to take drugs in an abusive relationship. She posted the tweet and deleted it almost instantly. The local police have already said she's fine. Viewing them requires time and attention though, in order to appreciate their subtle qualities.

The abuser theory is fucking scary. If she's going into mosh pits she's going to get the fuck beat out of her from being so tiny. The editing is really bad and weird too, especially at 2: There's so much flooding the net that anything new is hard to find. Black mature with big tits. It's like watching an awkward drugged up troll prance around in poorly made fairy clothes. Just wash your hair senpai. They would make her delete or edit all these stuff to hide any evidence, it looks like she has full control over her accounts and can read all the comments and replies she gets.

My best guess is she's been using acid or molly a lot. I just thought that the ban was justified.

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Shy lesbian experience Yet at the same time with the rifle and pills, I can't explain why they would be left out of the open so blatantly.
Big tit ffm videos I smell self posting sage for samefagging. It crashed for me, waiting for it to reload..
Hot naked kiss The speech difficulties, awkward stiff movements and paranoia are all total red flags to me. Its not working for me. I'm pretty jumpy sometimes myself, and a sudden noise would startle most people I happen to agree it's probably just a case of a poor girl on drugs, there's likely no abuse and certainly no kidnapping going on here.

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